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Nuclear Trump

Theresa BrownGold's painting "Nuclear Trump" for her art project, Art As Social Inquiry.

(oil on canvas, 40 ins. x 30 ins.)

This painting is a thank you to Republican heroes, both public servants and citizen voters. They are the ones not lying to themselves about the meltdown that is a Trump presidency. They refuse to vote for a candidate who is grossly unqualified, and a danger to the country.

Love of country over politics. It takes courage and character to walk away from one's nominee, and to do the right thing. Thank you for not voting for Trump.

This isn’t a Jack Kerouac novel. It’s our lives.

During the first Clinton/Trump debate over 80 million viewers witnessed the sinkhole that is Trump’s mind. For God’s sake, Man, FOCUS, and say something to show us you prepared. Didn’t happen. Trump’s trippy stream-of-consciousness answers to debate questions scared the hell out of me. This isn’t a Jack Kerouac novel. It’s our lives.

While some Trump supporters relish getting off on misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, and homophobic taunts during Trump rallies, the fun stops when Trump’s undisciplined, distracted, rambling mind gets the nuclear codes. A hyped-up Trump at 3:20 AM was exacting revenge on a former Miss Universe by tweeting about a purported sex tape. The thought of adding nuclear codes to a President Trump’s repertoire of adolescent comebacks keeps me up at night.

Fifty Republican high-ranking national security advisors and experts have signed a letter denouncing Trump-for-President. These officials have served Republican Presidents from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush. They are breaking ranks no matter the consequences. They see a Trump presidency as a national security threat. Their letter concludes, “We are convinced that in the Oval Office, he would be the most reckless President in American history.” They lend their resumes’ gravitas to a #NeverTrump movement even if their defection helps Democrats.


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