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"Life is a farce if a person does not serve truth."
Hilma af Klint

For Sale / Commissions

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To inquire about prices, buying a painting, or commissioning a portrait,

please email Theresa at

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For Sale 

PUBLISH Without Frank WITH copyright.jpg

Without Frank (2022)
oil on canvas,  48 ins. x 48 ins.

Inquiries: email


This painting is part of a portrait story in the ASI Healthcare in the US painting series. Half the work is a portrait of Frank. The second half, this painting, is an abstract representation of the world going forward Without Frank

2021 Adirindacks #1.JPG

2021 "Adirondacks #1"

20 ins. x 24 ins., oil on canvas 

2021 Adirindacks #2.JPG

 "Adirondacks #1" (2021)

18 ins. x 24 ins., oil on linen


The Adirondacks Series 


These paintings were painted at Great Camp Sagamore in the summer of 2021. This was the view outside our cabin. 

The picture hardly captures the autumn sun falling like glitter on the trees, the lake, and this artist's brushes.   

The paintings for sale on the left were completed on site. (The work is photographed hung from a tree.)

Inquiries: email


Untitled Nude (2009)
oil on linen
24 ins. x 36 ins.




The Rachel Paintings #1: Ode to the Monarch Butterfly (2015), oil on canvas,

72 ins. x 36 ins.


Here's How It Works

~ The artist interviews the subject for about an hour or two then takes photographs.

~Portraits pictured on this page are 24” x 20”. (Special requests possible) 

~ The painting will be hand-delivered or insured and shipped via a major shipping carrier.



~I don’t live near the artist but I want to commission a portrait.

The artist will interview you via Zoom. She’ll pull a photo from the Zoom recording

~Do I get to choose the photo?


Why do I need an interview?

“I paint souls, not pretty pictures.” Everybody has a vibe. The artist wants to feel yours.

I want a painting of my pet. Does he need to be “interviewed?”

Yes. The artist would want to meet the beast. (Zoom is OK)

How long will it take to get my portrait?

The artist does not know why some portraits come quickly, others not so much. She will not sell a painting she is not happy with.

Are the portraits framed?

No. The canvases can be hung, however. Hanging wire is installed, and the edges of the canvas are painted black. 

Will you accept commissions for paintings other than portraits?

Yes. Email

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. There is a 3% surcharge for credit cards and PayPal. No surcharge for bank transfers. To send a check email

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