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Art As Social Inquiry combines
art and advocacy as a way
to engage audiences.


  A b o u t




I will be a painter for the rest of my life. As long as there are stories to tell, I'd like to tell them through paint. 

Art As Social Inquiry is a first step to understanding others’ plights. And a first step to our personal liberation.

What happens to somebody else CAN happen to us. When we run from this fact, we are running from ourselves.

Theresa BrownGold interviewed for WHYY's Coming of Age. 12/12/2011

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We Are The 

Our opinions affect our actions. Art As Social Inquiry unearths those opinions. 

The portraits/songs/performance art/songs offer themselves up as recipients of uneasiness, justifications, political correctness, rationalizing, embarrassment, rage, sadness, compassion, hate, fear, hope, anxiety…whatever.


The art will not yell back. But we can observe ourselves reacting to the faces and their stories, and perhaps reflect. Behind every social issue is a real person.

My hope is that personal connections are forged between the viewers and the subjects’ stories. What if what happened to somebody else — the other — happened to us?


To even ask is a compassionate act. If we see ourselves in another’s place, we become part of the solution.



Talking. So much talking. 

I thought my paintings would do all the talking for me. I thought the portrait stories would be so
 compelling that people would reconsider their stances and want a better system without me saying a word.

No. In the beginning most didn't even understand what the project was about. I had to explain how the art invites us to step into another's life and maybe we'd reexamine our own opinions. I also realized I would have to talk, talk, talk, and never shut up if ASI was to fulfill its mission. I still do.

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2011 Occupy Small Town America,Bucks County PA

6.28.12 Outside US Supreme Court waiting for Decision on the Affordable Care Act

Truth Tour 2012 -- Medicare: What's at Stake?

in Bucks County, PA

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