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I Stand

"I Stand" at the US Supreme Court & Capitol 2012 Public Action in Washington DC

I Stand 2012

I did not know when I started this action that I would become a target for the anger, support, disdain, fear, gratitude and curiosity for the then new healthcare law by passersby from every part of the country and world.  The Affordable Care Act  (ACA)would give 20 million people access to health insurance. For many, the new law would save their lives.  I needed to speak up and share what I learned from my subjects and from studying the ACA. The "I Stand 2012" video explains how it all started. I used the portraits and my body by anchoring in place for hours over 5 months to draw the world to me. In my stillness I became a keen observer of the human animal. As a performance art piece, this action showed me that human beings will staunchly defend a position if their identities are not separate from their opinions. Facts don’t matter.

I also had many personal epiphanies about how I occupy space on the planet. In the audio clip, I Am Like the Homeless.I share one of those aha moments.


My husband and I took out a home equity line of credit to finance my standing. 

In 2012 I exercised my First Amendment right to bear witness in a public space. I stood with portraits from the ASI Healthcare in the US painting series in front of US Capitol and Supreme Court for 5 months (Jan. through May), 2-3 days/week, 5 hours/day, no matter the weather. The portrait stories gave me a way to draw attention to the lack of access to healthcare in US for many millions.

"I  Am Not Like the Homeless"

"I Am Not LIke the Homeless"

2012 PHOTO JOURNAL US Supreme Court & Capitol


2.28.12 a few basic questions
3.20.12 On House Side
4.16.12 Altercation with Cop
5.16.12 need a break
2.28.12 Boehner press conference
3.20.12 Reps go in & out of House
4.16.12 car entering SCOTUS
5.16.12 The Buts
2.28.12 Boehner #2
3.20.12 Tons of People at Capitol
4.17.12 Jesus Mannequin
5.16.12 Voting Against One's Best Interest
2.28.12 the oncologist
3.20.12 Pres. Pulling into Capitol
4.17.12 Busy at Capitol
5.17.12 justify yourself
2.28.12 scolded for using obamacarr
3.21.12 Constituent Talks getting Old
4.17.12. The Others
5.17.12 confusing sign
2.28.12 when Rick shows up
3.20.12 Slice of Life Today
4.17.12 Bells at Congress
5.17.12 sculpture on top of dome
2-27-12 Homeless look detached
3.21.12 Hawaii Woman Trying to Make Sense to ME
4.17.12 Space Shuttle
5.17.12 anti obamacarian kids
3.19.12 Angy About the Others
3.26.12 AM Leaving in Dark
4.17.12 Me And the Crazies
5.17.12 disgusted
3.19.12 Meet Obama, Chinese Ask
3.26.12 Early AM at SCOTUS
4.18.12 French kids from American school in Paris
5.23.12 DOG WALKER
3.19.12 More Talk Radio Speak
3.26.12 Happenings AM SCOTUS
4.24.12. congressman talks about God God God
5.23.12 Leahy Sighting
3.19.12 Jeff Miller (R, FL)
3.26.12 People getting into COUrt.
4.24.12 sister redge at SCOTUS
5.23.12 Anti-Obamacarians Nervous
3.19.12 Dante in the Food Court
3.28.12 More Notes ACA at SCOTUS
4.25.12 my power
5.23.12 Eliminate in-house Medical Unit for Congress
3.19.2012 Both hands on sign
3.27.12 SOunds of the Day
4.25.12 busy afternoon capitol
5.23.12 How is the Law Hurting You
3.19.2012 Sonny & Jayson
3.28.12 Ann at SCOTUS offers me her place if I'm stuck
4.25.12 activity on steps
5.23.12 Typical Encounter
3.19.2012 Beth, Plate & Screws in Wrist
3.28.12 More AM Notes
4.25.12 a whole lotta Jesus
5.23.12 When Does the Senate Vote
3.20.12 Fear Shuts Down What We Need
3.28.12 Teary with Gail
5.11.12 beautiful morning
5.24.12 Reporter on Senate side
3.20.12 My Sign Confuses Woman, ACA at SCOTUS
4.16.12 Stuck on Grass
5.11.2012 government workers
5.24.12 Honeysuckle

PHOTO JOURNAL Other "Standing" with Portraits

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