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Being Pussi Artist

I rechristened myself Pussi Artist after the 2016 presidential elections happened. I changed my emails, addresses and social media names to Pussi Artist. I identified myself as Pussi Artist in my daily public activities. A friend once ordered flowers for me and had them sent to Pussi Artist. This performance art piece lasted 2 years until the 2018 mid-term congressional elections. Why? Read on. 

When half the country voted for the 45th President of the United States, I was gobsmacked. Where do we go in our heads to overlook a candidate's depraved comments and actions?  How do we neutralize our distress when a man mocks a disabled reporter? How do we entrust our country to a man with a dark legal history of over 3500 legal entanglements? Whatever inner mechanisms we engaged to bypass our better judgment, get comfortable and go there when you call me Pussi.




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As an artist, I explore the human condition, and sometimes I push boundaries to do it. I am using my very name as a way to move us into the deep, sometimes unconscious parts of ourselves where we justify actions we suspect or know to be wrong, and do them anyway. As considerate, principled, and kind people we are uncomfortable, but we talk ourselves out of our objections. Where is that place in us where we ignore the safeguards in our heads blurting out warnings? What does that inner space look and feel like?

We rationalize and talk ourselves into acting in big and small ways that violate our core values of decency and goodness.

I continue to proudly use the name TBG Pussi Artist as a songwriter to remind myself to listen to my best self. 

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